Such an exciting time at Paris Haute Couture week that I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’m going to show you some of the most exquisite jewels from the world’s most famous haute jewellery houses.

Twice a year this magnificent event takes over the City of Love. It’s a time where fashion designers and jewellery designers come together to showcase their haute collections. It was going to be a jam-packed schedule of previewing the latest high jewellery collections from more than 20  jewellers.

I spent the week hopping from suite to suite at the Ritz Paris Hotel, and from boutique to boutique at the Place Vendome for an exclusive sneak peek of these magnificent haute jewellery collections, a privilege only reserved for jewellery editors and their clients. My evenings were filled with after parties and rubbing elbows with the most respected and talented designers in the business.

But the best part is, I got to try on some of the most exquisite haute jewellery I’ve ever seen, and even modeled some of my favourite pieces for clients. I can’t wait to share with you the superbly distinctive designs I saw, and the unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative skill that goes into each piece. You’ll see some of the finest and rarest gems the world has to offer. What you won’t see is the band of security guards that surrounded me every time I tried on a piece! I’ve never felt so perfectly safe and pampered in Paris!

What I love the most about these High Jewellery collections is the stories each piece has to tell. These collections are the highest form of jewellery-making in existence. Each collection showcases the jewellery house’s skill at sourcing the most extraordinary gemstones the world has ever seen, and the highest level of craftsmanship, innovation, and design imaginable. So grateful to be part of this experience, and to be able to share with you all the inspiration and stories behind these phenomenal haute jewellery collections.

PARIS COUTURE WEEK DAY 1 – Spend the day with me at the Avenue Montaigne offices of Christian Dior, and step into a secret garden that sets the stage for their lavish new collection of floral jewellery, inspired by the gardens of Versailles.

PARIS COUTURE WEEK DAY 2 – You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of Paris right onto the beaches of the Riviera with CHANEL Fine Jewelry and their new Flying Cloud collection. An elaborate beach scene with sand and beach chairs to evoke the spirit of the Riviera, you’ll be inspired by CHANEL’s new haute collection.

PARIS COUTURE WEEK DAY 3 – Hop over to the Mediterranean now, and lose yourself in the sounds of tropical birds and the beautiful colours of exotic flowers. This is the world of Giampiero Bodino and his latest haute jewellery collection. You’ll completely forget you’re in Paris at the Ritz Hotel!

Enjoy this rare treat and let the fun begin! And don’t forget to share with me your thoughts in the comments below, so I can bring you more of what excites you in the world of haute jewellery.


Such a pleasure to discover Giampiero Bodino at the Ritz and his Haute Jewellery collection inspired by the Mediterranean called The Capi d’Opera. Set against the backdrop of singing exotic birds and glorious tropical flowers, the Mediterranean 20-piece collection is Bodino’s largest and most stunning creation to date. The Capi d’Opera collection is a unique High Jewellery creation infused with the beauty of Italy’s rich historic and noble art and culture. Giampiero Bodino – A charismatic jewellery designer who charmed me with his delicious drops of rubellite.


Cindy Chao’s creations are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that reflect a creative, innovative and technically challenging artwork. Chao works with only the rarest, finest gemstones to create magnificent collections like her latest called Black Label Masterpieces. I was so excited to see my first red diamond! Red diamonds are the rarest in the world!

To achieve perfection, Chao creates only about 36 pieces every year. Some pieces can take up to two years to finish. The Black Label series is the most prestigious and exclusive line within the brand. Every Masterpiece is given its own name, year number, and custom-made box.


When Boucheron first opened up shop in Moscow in 1897, it was the first French jeweller in the city. Its history is, therefore, closely tied to imperial Russia and its Slavic heritage. I can relate to that being Russian; so it was an incredible experience to visit the Boucheron High Jewellery presentation in a space covered in snow. Snow in August in Paris!

The inspiration for the Boucheron Hiver Impérial came from the Far East – its Nature, Couture and Architecture – in the freezy grips of wintertime. Lumière de Nuit depicts the frozen landscape under the stars and moon in a brilliant and stunningly unique aesthetic. Femmes Boréales celebrates the strength and beauty of women in wintry climates, contemporary empresses and queens, wrapped in pearls and precious stones. In 1858, pearls were believed to be more precious than diamonds and indeed a lot more valuable. They were the height of luxury and refinement. All a woman ever wanted in those days was a beautiful pearl necklace. For Boucheron, pearls symbolize love and remember the many beautiful designs created for the last of the Russian emperors. As a wedding gift to his soon-to-be-bride, Alix de Hesse-Darmstadt, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, the future Tsar Nicolas II gave his wife a delicate pearl and diamond crown created by Boucheron. You can see Alexandra wearing this stunning crown in most of her official photos, replacing the traditional and very heavy kokoshnik headdress.

The third collection, Flocon Impérial plays homage to the delicate subtleties of a snowflake. Flocon Impérial is a modern reimagining of some historic designs from 1906 and 1912 that mimic Nature’s perfectly symmetrical beauty of the snowflake. The 1900 designs were made for one of Boucheron’s best Russian customers, Barbara Kelch, the granddaughter of gold mines and railroad magnate, Ivan Bazanov and wife of the multimillionaire Alexander Kelch.

Giampiero Bodino High Jewellery presentation.

Giampiero Bodino ring.

Giampiero Bodino and Liza Urla, GEMOLOGUE founder.

Giampiero Bodino‘Barocco Ghirlanda necklace.

Giampiero Bodino‘Barocco Ghirlanda necklace.

Giampiero Bodino Earrings.

CINDY CHAO Butterfly with emeralds.

CINDY CHAO Red Diamond Ribbon Ring featuring a 1.51 carat cut-cornered square fancy purplish-red diamond, 6.05 carats of triangular-cut white diamonds, 2.24 carats of white diamonds, and 18K white gold.

Boucheron Headquarters.

Boucheron High Jewellery presentation.

Bouceron Lumière  Necklace set with a 78.33 ct Santa Maria oval aquamarine, moonstones and Akoya cultured pearls, paved with diamonds and aquamarines, on white gold. To ensure the maximum comfort of a jeweler’s touch, the multiple strands are strung on silk thread and connected with aquamarines, moonstones and diamond slivers that tie together the set’s elegance and style. The studio created a ribbon of aquamarines beads corseted on the back of the necklace so that it can be adjusted as needed and lays perfectly on the neck.

Boucheron Flocon Impérial Necklace set with a 5.20 ct E VVS1 cushion diamond and rock crystal, paved with diamonds, on white gold.  Flocon Impérial also follows the multiwear tradition, with seven detachable parts: a 5.20 carat diamond ring, a pair of earrings, a fibula and hair accessories.

Boucheron Necklace.

Boucheron High Jewellery presentation.

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