I was rather excited to receive a piece of jewellery arriving all the way from Australia from Luca Jouel: a somewhat exotic provenance for me, since most of the jewellery I come across has been crafted in either Europe, the States or Brazil!


These dainty Luca Jouel Black Diamond earrings from the Salut collection fusing Arabic and Art Deco influences were the perfect piece to wear over a pot of coffee at Carpo, specialising in delicious Middle Eastern produce, which has just opened up right next to me!


The earrings are ideal to take your jewellery look from day to night – they are subtle enough to pair up with your daytime outfit, yet sufficiently glamorous for nighttime adventures! Handmade from palladium and encrusted with 62 little black diamonds, they have been thoughtfully designed by Tereena Lucas, the jewellery designer behind the Australian brand.


I absolutely adore the packaging, which has been handmade from sustainable bamboo. The outside of the box is embossed with Luca Jouel’s floral logo. Tereena Lucas has put a lot of thought into producing eco-friendly jewellery boxes, and the result is very impressive.


Luca Jouel earrings are adorned with black diamonds are becoming increasingly en vogue. These entirely opaque stones – completely different from all other translucent colours of diamond- are suited to those of use looking for a sophisticated and subtle piece.  The most celebrated natural black diamond is Black Orlov, weighing a whopping 67.5 carats! Luca Jouel puts utmost care into ethical sourcing of precious metals and gemstones, and the same goes for these black diamonds.

Luca Jouel Palladium and Black Diamond earrings are available at for £1200

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*Photographed by Flit Photography. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla

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