With my mind full of diamonds lately, it was time for a shot of colour and you know how much I absolutely love blue. One particular shade of blue that’s been sitting with me lately is the one captured by Yves Klein during his blue period. When I laid my eyes on this handmade, blue pendant from the Lacelet Glimpse Blue collection, it struck a cord and reminded me of the same blue, so reminiscent of Yves Klein. The perfect pendant for a contemporary art lover who appreciates conceptual design.

Value for money 


The Lacelet Glimpse Blue Pendant is from  a very modern collection with a triangle filigree setting the tone in black sterling silver with 18k gold plated or blue pigmented interior and handmade in Burlingame, just south of San Francisco. Glimpses of that Yves Klein blue peek through the filigree, capturing the eye and reminding the beholder of its strong feminine quality. Representative of the divine power of the female, the triangle is also connected to the number three or true wisdom.

Traditional technique is responsible for this wonderful blue hue, something not often seen in jewellery. The design itself suggests casual and contemporary, and is so close to the true Yves Klein blue, it gives me shivers. Yves Klein worked primarily with this colour in 1957 and loved exploring how far he could reinvent the same colour. He is famous for this wonderful shade of ultramarine blue, known as International Klein Blue.

My own inner artist was inspired by the Lacelet Glimpse Blue Large Pendant and how the filigree design plays with light and shade, working together as if in harmony. Two opposites existing in the same world, dependent on each other for their own existence. As an ancient symbol, light has strong connections to many traditions and gives meaning to radiance and love. Then there’s shadow, the darkness that reminds of our own limitations and the temporary nature of all things. Somewhere in the middle, we stand embracing the light, acknowledging the dark, ever-evolving.

Lacelet Glimpse Blue Large Pendant in black sterling silver with 18k gold plated or blue pigmented interior is available online for $170.


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