Feeling a little rebellious in my new black leather skirt by Emilia Wickstead and silk T-shirt that I found on The Outnet, I chose this glamorous gothic ring by Jane Berg from her Rebel Collection, called Charlotte.

Jane-Berg-jewelry-review-gemologue-liza-urla-diamond ring

I was on my way to The Arts Club in London for a special fine jewellery dinner hosted by MATCHESFASHION, and as always, I wanted to cause a stir with my jewellery.


Value for money 

Encrusted in white and black diamonds, this glamorous arachnid ring embodies a gothic ritziness with a rock n’ roll statement. But the spider hasn’t always been a pop culture icon. Its historic symbolism is an old one. It is an ancient symbol for mystery, power, and growth. (I’m beginning to like this ring more and more!)


The spider has come to represent so many things to different people and cultures all over the world. Freud saw the spider as a feminine symbol for the creative force weaving the webs of fate. To others, she is a magical being that has the power to weave her magic through words, captivating her audience and leaving them spellbound. (She sounds like my kind of girl!)


And I wasn’t the only one to think so. As Charlotte and I sat down beside our dinner guests (along came a spider, and sat down beside her!) at the beautifully set table, all eyes were on her, and everybody wanted to try her on! She even caused a debate over dessert and champagne. Spider or scarab? We’ve all heard of Charlotte’s Web, but how many scarabs do you know called Charlotte!

Jane-Berg-jewelry-review-gemologue-liza-urla-diamond ring

It was at that moment, that Charlotte took cover in the flowers and did her best impression of a poppy! If she could only turn down her sparkle a bit, she just might just get away with it!

Jane-Berg-jewelry-review-gemologue-liza-urla-diamond ring

Eight legs, the number 8, the sign for infinity, the spider is also a symbol for life, death and renewal. A spider can always rebuild her web, no matter how many times it is knocked down. Now that is so rock n’ roll!

Jane-Berg-jewelry-review-gemologue-liza-urla-diamond ring

I think you can tell, I had a lot of fun wearing this beautiful ring. I can’t wait to review Jane Berg‘s modular earrings. They’re so cool. You can mix them up and create new looks to match your own personal style. Stay tuned!

Black Charlotte Ring in 14k white gold with 3.69ct white diamonds and black diamonds is available at JaneBergCollection.com for  $13,000.


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