It’s that time of the year again: Christmas and New Year are almost upon us, but there is still time for some last-minute festive shopping! There is absolutely no need to feel guilty about treating yourself to a new sparkling jewel! A new piece in your jewellery box is a perfect excuse to celebrate yours or your loved one’s special achievements in 2016 and to close another wonderful chapter of your life.

Check out GEMOLOGUE’s precious jewellery guide of carefully selected pieces from thousands and thousands of pieces available from our favourite online jewellery shops. It’s time to embrace shopping for jewellery online: as much as we shop for fashion online, there seems to be a perception that shopping for jewellery in the same way is a bit of a no go. But surely buying a diamond ring or earrings while sitting in a warm bed whilst it’s freezing and snowing outside, sounds comfy and fun, doesn’t?

Let me know your favourite pieces from GEMOLOGUE curation in comments!


For something small and affordable this Christmas, look at ASTLEY CLARKEs selection of dainty jewels.  We love the Hamsa Fine Biography ring featuring the iconic hamsa symbol with diamonds and a ruby. Astley Clarke’s dainty pins designed to collect and customise are another GEMOLOGUE favourite and would add a charming finishing touch to any outfit. MATEOs elegant velvet choker embellished with a single pearl is perfect if you are looking for something trendy.

Up to £500 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

If you are looking for an affordable piece from a well-known brand, look no further than TIFFANY & CO’s delicate white gold necklace with a sleek bar pendant. Chokers are really hot right now, and we recently came across a new way to wear pearls with Yana Nesper’s elegant silk choker. If you are after a modern design, look into ANISSA KERMICHE and LITO, and for everyday classics by PLUKKA.

£500 – £1000 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

If you are feeling like pearls for Christmas and New Year’s, look into contemporary pearl cuffs by MIZUKI. FERNANDO JORGE has an emerald ring with a contemporary twist. DIANE KORDAS showcases her fondness of Pop Art through an exquisite explosion ring. DANIELA VILLEGAS rose gold phalanx ring is handcrafted in the shape of a beetle – an ancient Egyptian symbol of creation and rebirth.

£1000 – £1500 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

You can’t go wrong with POMELLATO’S iconic Nudo ring featuring a gorgeous amethyst, a stone ancient Greeks believe stopped you getting intoxicated! For something a little different, go for an unusual pearl necklace by LITTLE Ha large Baroque pearl bored with a hole which is filled with little luscious seed pearls of different sizes. For something a little exotic, take a look at JOANA SALAZARs Lotus earrings inspired by a trip to Cambodia and crafted from rose gold and pink tourmalines

£1500 – £2000 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

If you are looking for a trendy pair of earrings, then look no further than JEMMA WYNNE’s striking pearl earrings with a graduated white pearls that seemingly float along the bottom of your ear. STEPHEN WEBSTER’s fishbone pendant from the Jewels Verne collection inspired by Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is simply irresistible and is sure to add a whimsical touch to your outfit!

£2000 – £3000 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

If you are looking for a necklace that no-one will be able to take their eyes of, look no further than MORITZ GLIKs luxurious Eternity Pendant, where glittering movement of diamonds is key.  We absolute love SELIM MOUZANNAR’s classical yet cool earrings featuring white diamonds and aquamarine, perfect for both elegant daytime looks or floor-sweeping evening dresses. SUZANNE KALAN’S stunning rose gold cuff with sparkling baguette diamonds is both demure and trendy, or if you really feel like treating yourself or someone else then get more than one bracelet from the collection and stack them together.

£3000 – £5000 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

LOREE RODKIN’s  rock’n’roll earrings are perfect for a glamorous evening look cast in a spider’s web teardrop shape that has become her signature. AS29’s iconic angelic wing earrings are sure to be a talking point of any party with its monochromatic, decisive coloration and gorgeously detailed rendering of each feather. For a gorgeous piece inspired by Mother Nature, look no further than VANLELES’ exquisite butterfly earrings.

£5000 – £8000 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

For a truly striking piece this Christmas, go for ANNOUSHKA’s Butterflies Cascade earrings: an astonishing cascade of gold and diamond butterflies. It’s almost as if a flurry of magical butterflies are flitting in the hair! For a winged fantasy of brilliance and light, look at SUTRA’s gorgeous earrings featuring exquisite, stylised diamond feathers, one on the front and one on the back. I also love JACK VARTANIAN’s art deco-spired choker featuring an exquisite architectural silhouette comprised of decadent diamonds.

£8000 – £15000 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

For the best jewellery world has to offer look no further than LYDIA COURTEILLE, whose one-of-a-kind exquisite, beautifully coloured seahorse earrings crafted from 18-karat blackened white gold and set with an array of blue and purple sapphires arranged for an ombré effect with the addition of opals and amethysts. If you are looking for an heirloom piece, then look no further than DANIELA VILLEGAS’ gorgeous Asteria necklace set with a large boulder opal surrounded by an array of lustrous pearls, blackened diamonds, amethysts, blue tourmalines and sapphires just to name a few. If you are after something collectable and antique, then this DAVID WEBB’s 70s gold cocktail ring showcasing FRED LEIGHTON‘s eye for rare vintage finds is the perfect gift.

£15000 – £25000 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

Perhaps you would like someone special’s dreams to come true? Then look at GEMOLOGUE’s selection of sensationally dazzling jewels. ILGIZ F is GEMOLOGUE’s favourite master jeweller, and his remarkable butterfly earrings, showcasing the most extraordinary plique-a-jour enamel which beautifully replicates the delicacy of a dragonfly’s wings. If you are looking for a striking pair of earrings for this festive season, then Brazilian CARLA AMORIM’S Extase earrings crafted from diamonds and emeralds are the perfect find.

£25000 – £100000 GEMOLOGUE Precious Jewellery Gift Guide

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