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Morgane is my sister from another mother. We are drawn to each other by our mutual love for colour blue and by a badly-kept secret that I helped her husband pick the first piece of jewellery for Morgane when they first started dating. Morgane is a difficult lady to catch, whether she is Paris, US or treasure hunting for blue coloured objects with her sister in Capri and showcasing the best of them to her loyal blue lovers through Anything-Blue concept destination.

Name: Morgane de Rodellec, a typical name from Brittany in France where my father’s family is from. Morgane comes from the King Arthur’s legend, for those familiar with Lancelot, the Round Table and other Celtic stories.

Alma Mater: Sciences Po and ESCP Business School in Paris (Political sciences and Media management).

Occupation: Co-founder of, a digital showcase of blue products and stories. My sister Margot and I started last Christmas.

Hometown: Paris, France

LOCATION AT TIME OF INTERVIEW… I’m usually at home in London, with Sam the Dog, a white and brown field spaniel. If not, I am probably at Equinox (the gym under the Babylon Roof Gardens overlooking High Street Kensington), either unleashing on an elliptic machine or attending to Amme Poulton’s class – she is London’s best yoga teacher.



IN THE BEGINNING… I love the color blue. I keep changing favorites (cobalt, turquoise, royal blue, etc.). Two years ago, I came across a study showing that blue was the favorite color worldwide, and it clicked. I am a writer and digital marketer, with a background in editorial, advertising, marketing and distribution. I’ve looked everywhere for a reference website about the color blue, in vain, so I’ve decided to create it. According to my observations, the best success rates in anything in life come from things we do with passion, so I’ve decided to follow my heart and see.


PARIS OR LONDON: In both cities, I enjoy being close to the river, but Paris is more balanced than London, with the Seine River cutting the city in half, while London’s center is clearly North of the Thames River. I think London’s left bank is just starting to develop and there is much to expect there. One of my favorite walk is by the SouthBank Center.

Paris is my hometown, I think I have lived in every district! My favorite hoods are Place du Marche Saint Honore, between Opera and Palais Royal (1st district), and the boasting areas of Republique and Le Marais (2nd to 11th districts). I must say I don’t miss Paris so much, it’s just a Eurostar trip away, and I find people more optimistic in London. Except for the baguette. The only place to find decent baguettes in London is The Pain Quotidien.


BALI… In 2009, I’ve left Paris to go live in Bali, Indonesia, a tropical island under the Equator, somewhere between Thailand and Australia. I’ve lived in Seminyak and worked in Kerobokan, next to Bali’s capital Denpasar, for a couple of years. At the time, it was the end of the Double Six, the rise of Café Bali, the Red Carpet, the Living Room and Metis. I also used to love spending time in Canggu at Desa Seni for a yoga session. One of my favorite evenings: a sunset dinner at Jimbaran (south of the airport), a fisherman’s village with a market and open restaurants where you can eat the catch of the day watching the sunset, on the beach. Unless you go there for a bachelor party or New Years Eve, just spend one day partying in Seminyak, then go North in the rice fields and to the Coast, where the real Bali is waiting for you.




ANYTHING-BLUE.COM… I’ve imagined Anything Blue as a digital magazine dedicated to the color blue, with literally everything blue (the products, the editorial, the commercial partnerships), powerful pictures, and useful menus such as a color palette (from aqua to periwinkle) and a gift finder. Blue is my sister Margot’s favorite color as well, so she jumped in as soon as I explained the idea. It became a family story. Writing and researching about the color blue is a fun and rewarding vocation. Studies have demonstrated the positive, therapeutic effect from looking at this specific color – you can experience it just browsing through Anything Blue.

Warning: it’s addictiveOnce you notice its ominous presence, Blue is more than a color, it becomes a lifestyle. 


TOPSHOP OR CHANEL… I don’t usually shop at Topshop: I find the materials impossible. From Coco Chanel, I have never owned but this simple fashion rule: no more than 3 colors at a time. A true Parisian, I wear mostly black and shop at MajeComptoir des Cotonniers and The Kooples, with half of my wardrobe coming from Zara.

PARISIAN CHIC… I think one secret is to choose 3 or 4 features to enhance and stop there, be careful not to distract the attention with too much colors/ make up/ jewelry/accessories. If you have a good pair of shoes, a designer’s bag and a red lipstick, that’s it, no need to bring on the cuffs, the belt, the hat, some heavy eye make up, etc.


ONLINE SHOPPING… I have my trusted partners of course: the shops featured on Anything Blue, well-known brands such as French Connection or Swarovski, niche brands such as Merci Maman, as well as multi-brands online retailers such as Forzieri or Alex and Alexa. I think Etsy is a genius invention, you find the most original and unique ideas. I am not shy to try new shops and usually find everything I’m looking for online.



GEM STYLE… My jewelry box consists of an eclectic collection consisting of oversized pieces that I used to wear in Bali (where you dress up every day in an accessorized tee and shorts) and some fine jewelry pieces from my family or my husband (who spoils me rotten at any occasion). I wear jewelry to remember a time or a person, or as lucky charms. I also like to wear and give personalized jewelry such as bracelets with an engraved silver charm from Merci Maman.

Unsurprisingly, I love turquoise stones. My oldest piece is a small Egyptian Turquoise Beetle, to wear around the neck or wrist, in your purse or as a key ring. Turquoise stones are powerful stones with spiritual virtues in many civilizations around the globe (i.e. Navajos). My grand-mother also gave me a tanzanite, which I could only describe as a blue fire, with purple hues.


FIRST JEWELLERY… My father gave me a family’s signet ring when I turned 18. The central piece of the ring is flat and features a crown engraved over two arrows, the family’s coat of arms. Back in the Middle Age, you would seal a letter with wax, then press the engraved part of the ring on to the wax in order to leave your coat of arm’s print and sign the letter. It’s a jewelry piece with a little bit of historical meaning.



MY EVERYDAY JEWELLERY… I never take off my wedding band and engagement ring. I couldn’t if I wanted to, they are too small. My mother gave a Van Cleef & Arpels ring with an agate, and a diamond and emerald band, that I adore.


PERFECT ENGAGEMENT RING… Mine! A three-oval diamond ring, inspired by a vintage Tiffany model from the 1920s. My husband and I have sourced the stones together, before designing and crafting the ring in London.


ROLEX OR CARTIER… My husband just gave me a Hermes watch for our first anniversary (I told you he spoilt me rotten) and given that I come from wearing no watch at all, it’s a big change. I always thought watches tell a lot about a person’s maturity and sense of reserve.


MEN JEWELLERY… I can remember my grand-father wearing a copper bracelet, so I am well versed into the idea of men’s jewelry. Allowed: watches and bracelets, cuff links, occasional rings and necklaces such as medals. Leather or metal work alike. Not allowed: earrings.



FINE JEWELLERY: I expect from jewelry the same as I expect from art: an interesting concept behind a demonstration of craftsmanship.

VINTAGE JEWELLERY... I like the idea of a ring or necklace traveling from one woman’s life to the next. Consider for a moment the unique experience of vintage jewelry pieces, all the things they witnessed. They also carry along an image of what esthetics standards were like at the time they were born.


FASHION JEWELLERY… One of my favorite pieces is a royal blue double-tour Hermes leather bracelet, it adds a touch of color to an all black look. I also have my eyes set on a titanium blue cuff from Bex Rox London, next on my tbl.

PERFECT GETAWAY… For jaw-breaking luxury destinations: Six Senses Yao Noy in Thailand and Anantara Kihavah in the Maldives. For a great weekend: Capri, Vienna or anywhere in the French Normandy.

MY WEAPON OF CHOICE…  my mala (it’s a long beaded meditation necklace used by Buddhists and Hindus)

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