Today, I reviewed an exquisite Devon Woodhill Bespoke Tree of Life Locket, crafted from 18kt yellow gold and diamonds, in collaboration with JL Rocks.

Value for money 
Devon Woodhill Tree of Life

The Tree of Life Locket is a truly beautiful jewel made from yellow gold in iridescent Florentine finish, whose solid weight feels nice in my hands. The front of the locket is embossed with simple, yet gorgeous Tree of Life design, which for me from afar looks like a sparkling constellation, which makes me think of endless and timeless possibilities of our existence. The locket opens easily to reveal a perfectly sized space for putting a couple of photographs of your loved ones.

Devon Woodhill Tree of Life

A locket, a small ornamental case usually worn as a pendant, has always been the most sentimental jewel! A locket holds cherished memories of the past, and perhaps new hopes for the future. Lockets are traditionally received during special occasions such as christenings, birthdays, weddings, and Valentine’s days; so if you are looking for a truly special piece that can be worn close to the heart, then do consider gifting one!

Devon Woodhill Tree of Life

We love the fact that locket is embossed with a tree of life design, because its concept is timeless, and has often been used in religion, philosophy and mythology over the centuries. Tree of Life is a very romantic motif that alludes to the interconnection of all life on earth, and is an ethereal and ideal subject for a locket.

Devon Woodhill Tree of Life

The Florentine finish of the gold on either side of the locket as well as the tree of life engraving interspersed with dozens of well-set dainty diamonds gives a lovely texture to the surface. The surface of the locket on both the front and the back has been finished to the same high-quality degree, which often is not the case with other pieces. In addition, it looks like the locket will be resistant to scratching, which would make this a perfect timeless addition to your jewellery box!

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