The winner of GEMOLOGUE second “Be a Jewellery Blogger for an evening”, Chloe, tells us all about her glamorous experience at Buccellati Opera Collection Launch in London.


Spencer house was the perfect location for Buccelati’s Opera Collection launch on Wednesday night.
I had the privilege of attending as Liza’s guest, being the winner of her competition: I regrammed one of GEMOLOGUE’s photos – a stunning photo of Liza’s hands painted in all colours of the rainbow holding an exquisite pendant- and was unexpectedly picked as a winner!
We arrived in the afternoon to preview the collection before the crowds arrived- and of course so we could take a few photos. I decided to go for a laid-back old-school glamour look for the occasion: my mother’s vintage leather trousers from when she was just 18, a flowy silk top and a pair of well-trusted converses, since I knew it was going to be a long, yet fun-filled day!
Buccellati jewels are truly beautiful! We looked at two collections: the high jewellery line, where each piece is unique and a work of art and worthy of a princess – and every girl including me desires to be one – and the new Opera collection, inspired by the Italian Renaissance culture and consisting of more affordable jewels.
It was a little girl, Cinderella-esque couple of hours of trying on diamonds. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, each piece more exquisite than the last.
 Liza was at hand to help me to style the jewels for the shoot, as well as giving me a little insight into the sparkling world of jewellery.
I had such fun playing around with layering and juxtaposing different pieces, many of them almost blinding me by the sparkle of their countless diamonds. Other jewels incorporated richly coloured sapphires and emeralds.
The magical setting of Spencer House, the big antique mirrors, the luxurious colour scheme and the diamonds really transported us out of a rainy London afternoon and into a Romantic world of childhood Princess dreams.
Outside a large waterfall screen  stretching the length of the garden was being built with stunning black and white Buccellati campaign video by Peter Lindbergh being projected onto it. A nice backdrop for photos taken out on Spencer House terrace!
The Artisans had been flown in from Milan and worked throughout the evening at a bench in the back of the room, allowing the guests to see just how intricately each piece is fleshed out and developed. The diamonds dazzled across my wrist, delicate and powerful.
From this point, there was only one remaining part to my puzzle left to complete; I must find a Prince Charming.
The guests were an eclectic circle, beautifully dressed, and charming. The Billecart-Salmon champagne was flowing freely, and the canapés were healthy and delicious.
At 9pm we were invited to the truffle bar helmed by Mariuccia Roggero Ferrero serving an array of gourmet dishes. What a brilliant and delectable touch to a wonderful party!
But perhaps what impressed me most was meeting Maria-Cristina Buccellati, as she walked away I asked who she was, I had been drawn to her and thought what a lovely lady. It turns out she in one of the brand’s owners, and when so many labels are owned by big companies it was refreshingly reassuring to feel the presence of the family run Buccelati.
She also told us that the new collection has been designed to be affordable; the prestige and the beauty of the brand but opening the doors to allow more women to feel the magic that these pieces create. I like this concept. I thought of each piece of jewellery that I have, they have all been gifts and each hold a story behind. Maybe its time to start buying jewellery for myself.

Maybe I don’t need the Prince Charming. But maybe that’s what makes the story?


I just received a message on Facebook, it was from a fellow guest. It opened “Hello Cinderella”. I’ll let you know x

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  • Liza,
    I enjoy your blog so much and feel it is the premier blog for our trade. Congrats.
    Pluczenik is a DeBeers siteholder and I am their creative director. I am responsible for numerous collections. The fashion is called Plevé, where we were just awarded an international patent for setting mosaic diamonds. Plevé also won the 2015 Couture and Centurion diamond awards this year. My bridal collection is Integré which won the Forevermark solitaire award two years in a row. I would so much to introduce you to my jewelry collections.