I visited the very fabulous 77Diamonds in Mayfair. This affordable world of diamonds showroom is situated next to Vogue House. The delightfully enticing atmosphere is luxurious and makes offline shopping a truly unforgettable experience.  We picked out favourite contemporary and classical engagement, eternity rings and drop earrings.

77 Diamonds

We loved comparing the different diamond prices on the 77Diamonds website for the pieces we picked at the showroom. But beware, one could find this a very addictive pass time! There is just to much to look at: price versus carat, clarity and colour! Expect to find over 300,000 diamonds up to 75% cheaper than on Old Bond Street!

77 Diamonds

Diamonds can really be a girl’s best friend! 77Diamonds offers direct access to over 70% of the world’s finest polished diamonds! We adored the 77Diamonds ‘Full of Love’ filmed testimonials; touching and so sweet, we highly recommend watching them!

77 Diamonds

But we learnt something too! Did you know that the modern Western tradition of engagement rings began in 1477. The first diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximilian I of Austria. The 1477 engagement ring is a reference to 77Diamonds name.

77 Diamonds

Our diamond shopping has not stopped there! We are looking forward to comparing prices online for coloured diamonds especially pink.

77 Diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor knew:

One carat is defined as one fifth of a gram or 200 milligrams, approximately the weight of a five pound note. A carat can further be divided into “points,” where one point is equal to 0.01 carat.

In order to understand diamond cut, it is necessary to know the anatomy of a diamond as well as how different proportions and percentages affect the movement of light through a stone.

The fewer inclusions or blemishes there are in or on the diamond, the higher the clarity grade and therefore value.

Colour is one of the fundamental attributes of a diamond and colour grades actually refer to how colourless or “white” a stone is. Diamond colour is graded from D to Z, where D is rated as the most colourless, and therefore the most sought after and costly.

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