The Jewels Of… is a new series by GEMOLOGUE, featuring my latest discoveries from the world’s most exciting jewellery designers and their spectacular creations – stunning jewels you will want to add to your own personal jewellery collection. Discover why I love The Jewels Of Hisano Shepherd, creator of Little H pearl jewelry.

THE DESIGNER:  Hisano Shepherd launched Little H in 2011. Based in Los Angeles, Shepherd cuts and polishes the pearls, and sets the gemstones within. Shepherd grew up between Los Angeles and Tokyo, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing, as well as a Master’s Degree in Jewellery. Her innovative and provocative pearl designs showcase her artistic side and delicate craftsmanship. Pearls are close to Shepherd’s heart, much like her husband who also works with pearls.

THE DETAILS:  Pearls are one of the most exciting jewels of the sea and Hisano Shepherd has a unique approach to working with them! In Little H  Grotto and Finestrino collections, Hisano Shepherd carefully slices each cultured pearl, revealing an opening that she smoothes out and fills with carats of luscious rubies, diamonds, or sapphires of all colors, shapes and sizes. Inspired by nature’s own geodes and imagining wondrous, little caves full of precious jewels, these luxurious pieces are one-of-a-kind.

“I create pearl jewelry that’s unique and intimate. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and the gemstones are selected to complement a pearl’s shape, color and luster. I strive to create pieces that invite you in to take a closer look,” Hisano Shepherd

WHY I LOVE IT:  Little H pushes the boundaries of what we expect from pearl jewellery, her pieces are unique but still very wearable. Hisano Shepherd uses reclaimed stones from vintage jewellery in her creations and combines pearls with gemstones and crafts them into unusual shapes and designs.


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