Mews London necklace in gold and silver-plated brass embellished with Clear Swarovski crystals epitomises high end fashion jewellery at its best. This is a hand-crafted statement piece of excellent quality, which can be worn both day and night adding a noticeable touch of effortless luxury to your look.

Design  3 Stars
Value for money 3 Stars
Showstopper 5 Stars
Durability 4 Stars
Craftsmanship 5 Stars
Investment 2 Stars
Packaging 5 Stars

Mews London

Mews London has reinterpreted jewellery bling in a very chic fashion through their first collection Fragments: the pieces are chunky with a proliferation of gold colour and incessant sparkle from clear Swarovski crystals, and yet they are feminine and beautiful.

Mews London

Mews London necklace comes in a sleek textured black box with gold lettering on the lid. For me, beautiful packaging is a major part of the whole jewellery acquisition experience, because it is the first thing that you see either when you get home with your new purchase or if somebody gifts it to you.

Mews London

The quality of the necklace is outstanding: Swarovski crystals of different shapes and sizes set in silver plated brass that sparkle wonderfully in the sunlight and lovely solid gold plated brass chains that feel very comfortable around your neck. Swarovski crystals also make me feel nostalgic, because of my personal relationship with the Swarovski family: Fiona Swarovski is like a mother to me.

Mews London

Mews London necklace is your perfect jewellery companion on your travels, because you will not feel as apprehensive about it as you would with fine jewellery. It is a versatile piece that will take you from the beach to the cocktail party in the evening.

Be sure to visit Wolf and Badger for new  Mews London arrivals.

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