A few days ago, I received a very sweet personalised pendant from Merci Maman hand-engraved with some of the most important words in my life: my personal motto Tomorrow is Another Country reflecting my incurable wanderlust, as well as Gem, since my life revolves around jewels.

Design  3.5 Stars
Value for money 3 Stars
Showstopper 2 Stars
Durability 3.5 Stars
Craftsmanship 4 Stars
Investment 2 Stars
Packaging 4 Stars

Merci Maman

The necklace arrived in sweet packaging: a dainty orange gift box with pretty illustrations on the inside of the lid showing snippets of Paris and London cityscapes side by side. All the Merci Maman pieces are produced in London studio, but they are inspired by the company’s French roots.

Merci Maman

A gold-plated Merci Maman pendant is part of the royal jewel box – Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing a pendant with her first born’s name George Alexander Louis engraved onto it. The necklace is now widely known as The Duchess Necklace, and many mothers are copying the princess’ look. The necklace has a lovely long modern chain. Two parts of the pendant hanging freely form it: an 18K gold plated circle with a sterling silver dove within it. As I move, the necklace moves freely with me.

Merci Maman

I decided to customise a Merci Maman pendant with Tomorrow is Another Country along the gold circle with my personal  motto that I have been following for years. So far, I have travelled a great deal and lived in no less than four countries – Russia, Austria, US and, now, England. Ever since a little girl being perpetually curious about the world I have had the urge to travel and discover new experiences.

Merci Maman

This dove, which I decided to embellish with GEM, within the circle reminded me of Nelly Furtado’s breakthrough song “I’m Like a Bird” fifteen years ago, whose lyrics are very similar in their meaning Tomorrow is Another Country:

I’m like a bird
I’ll only fly away
I don’t know where my soul is (soul is)
I don’t know where my home is

In addition, each piece from Merci Maman can be further personalised by adding a message on a lovely card in their signature handwriting, making it a well- rounded gift for a precious one.

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