My eye is unfailingly caught by a butterfly in the things that surround me: clothes, artworks, and certainly in jewellery! This delicate, colourful insect has been one of my favourite motifs for as long as I can remember: its perfect symmetry and vivid colours fuelling my lust for life! So when I laid my eyes on Glenn Spiro‘s Papillon ring crafted from rubies, diamonds and titanium as I knew this was the perfect jewel for me.

Value for money 4 Stars

Showstopper 5 Stars
Durability 5 Stars
Craftsmanship 5 Stars
Investment 4 Stars

Don’t you think that butterflies are one of nature’s most intricate embellishments? The dainty creatures flit and flutter, spreading their wings to showcase the beauty from within. Recently many fashion houses – Gucci, Sophia Webster, Nancy Gonzalez, Alexander McQueen, Mary Katrantzou and Valentino instantly come to mind – have been inspired by butterfly’s delicate shape and by the intricate blend of colours that adorn its wings.


Butterflies have several positive connotations with them. They are a symbol of joy and transformation. To some, they are reminiscent of halcyon childhood days, summers spent chasing butterflies with a net. To others they remind to let go of old behaviour and embracing the next phase, making the most of the new opportunities. Having a butterfly as part of our outfit should add an element of happiness to your day or night!


Butterflies have inspired one of Glenn Spiro’s statement rings, a life-size large butterfly, crafted from titanium, rubies and diamonds. This very jewel caught my eye as I was strolling through Harrods’ elegant fine jewellery labyrinth, where Glenn Spiro recently opened a concession.


The dazzling ring whose setting is made from titanium – one of Glenn Spiro’s signature – is as almost as light as a real-life butterfly! The light weight makes this somewhat chunky jewel surprisingly comfortable to wear.

As you move your fingers, the wings of the butterfly slowly open and close, bringing this bejewelled butterfly back to life. Since we tend to express our emotions with our hands, the more passionate you become, the more animated the butterfly adorning your hand will become. This remarkable ring will certainly be a show-stopper in any place, as any movement in fine jewellery is fascinating, as it quite an elaborate and complex process to achieve it!




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*Photographed by Julia Flit. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. 

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  • What a wonderful and truly inspiring piece of jewellery! I deeply agree with you: Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures of nature!

    The inspiration of this sparkling ruby butterfly ring could be a butterfly called “Cymothoe sangaris” – also called “Blood Red Glider”. It is described to have a very intense red colour different from any red you have ever seen. While you can find a lot of butterflies in all different colours, there are only a very few red butterflies. In fact, red is the rarest colour for butterflies to have. Moreover, these “Blood Red Gliders” only live in the tree tops of the deep African rainforest.

    The inspiration of this ring is especially magic, because red is a very uncommon and rare butterfly colour. This makes the Glenn Spiro Papillon to a truly tropical and fascinating artefact. I love it!

  • What a spectacular jewellery piece – certainly makes a statement. Between the bold fuchsia colouring, intricate stonework and precious butterfly design, this piece truly becomes a one-of-a-kind statement jewellery design. It’s a design that would certainly draw in lots of compliments and attention – which is the kind of jewellery style every girl desires!

  • Hi Liza,

    This is the MOST stunning and beautiful piece of high jewels I have laid eyes on recently!!
    I normally don’t love butterflies as jewelry, but THIS one captivated me with the movement it makes.

    Thank you for sharing this – this is so amazing.