I instantly fell in love with FABERGE’s gold egg pendant –  an unusually playful piece you must add to your jewellery box from a world renowned jeweller famous for their regal egg masterpieces! A smooth and solid chunk of gold encrusted with some diamonds to sit comfortably against your neck. A joy to wear on a everyday basis, easily taking you from day to night.

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Design 3.5 Stars
Value for money 4 Stars
Showstopper 3 Stars
Durability 5 Stars
Craftsmanship 5 Stars
Investment 5 Stars

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FABERGE simple yellow gold pendant from the Heritage Collection is the brand’s signature egg design and a status symbol encapsulated within a necklace of minimalist design. This necklace is fast becoming a “must-have” piece for any jewellery aficionado,  similar to Cartier’s Just Un Clou bracelet, who wants a slice of FABERGE’s world-renowned heritage and a piece drawing inspiration from the original bejewelled masterpieces.


FABERGE simple gold pendant is the perfect gift idea for any woman, either to give or to receive: its simplicity imbues the piece with sense of both timeless and youthfulness.  The necklace, although playful-looking, captures FABERGE’s cultural wealth and colourful history since the jewellery firm’s establishment in St Petersburg in 1842.

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The necklace comes in three shades of 18K gold – white, yellow or rose – so pick the one which perfectly complements your skin tone as the egg pendants nestles comfortably around your neck. The simple egg pendant is a playful object, perfect for everyday wear. What’s even better, the necklace can be easily personalised with an in inspirational quote, special coordinates or a name of the loved one.

Simple Rose Gold Pendant features round white diamonds, set in 18 karat yellow gold is available at Faberge.com for £2000.


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