Today I reviewed Elise Dray Diamond Ear Cuff in collaboration with MATCHESFASHION.COM. I have been a big Elise Dray fan for a while, who creates some of the most unusual contemporary jewellery that’s out there right now, and whose edgy designs have unfortunately been copied on many occasions. Here’s our honest review on the Elise Dray Diamond Ear Cuff.

Design 2.5 Stars
Value for money 3 Stars
Showstopper 4 Stars
Durability 4 Stars
Craftsmanship 4.5 Stars
Investment 2 Stars
 Elise Dray Diamond Ear Cuff
Elise Dray‘s 18kt white-gold ear cuff is imbued with an instant punkish twist; however, a piercing is not necessary to wear this quirky piece, since it is a clip-on cartilage earring! The dainty ear cuff, embellished with grey diamonds, wraps delicately around the top of the ear for striking yet delicate look. The stones add a glamorous touch to this cuff; it is a little piece of treasure that will instantly boost your style! This piece makes an impact even when worn alone, but it can also be teamed up with other hoops and studs for an even punkier street style look!

 Elise Dray Diamond Ear Cuff

I loved this piece; however, it was a rather painful experience for my ear! My assistant found that it fitted perfectly on her ear, therefore the comfort level of this cuff depends on individual ear shape. Regardless of the fairly secure clip-on mechanism, this earpiece is not kept as firmly in place as a more traditional earring with a piercing. Therefore a potential issue that you could face is losing this precious piece, either because it might fall off or get stolen in a crowded room.

 Elise Dray Diamond Ear Cuff

If worn in the right environment, and the jewel happens to fit comfortably, the diamond ear cuff from Elisa Dray is a lovely glimmering addition to your ear!

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*Photographed by Flit PhotographyStyling and Art Direction by Liza Urla
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