Paradigm cuff bracelet in 18ct yellow gold with large amethyst stones in diamond claw settings is an arresting piece of jewellery, a piece which will be the talk of town as soon as you put it on. A combination of simple geometric structure and bold gemstones makes it an understated, yet striking piece!  When I opened the box, I was instantly mesmerised by the flawless beauty of the amethysts.


Design  3 Stars
Value for money 3.5 Stars
Showstopper 3 Stars
Durability 4 Stars
Craftsmanship 3.5 Stars
Investment 3 Stars


Amethyst was my favourite stone while I was completing my GIA course in NYC a few years ago, so I was instantly in love with Anakao paradigm bracelet when I came across it! I love the beautiful shades of purple of this gemstone ranging from pale lavender to deep purple colour, the deeper the colour, the more desirable the stone. Amethyst is such an alluring stone, it was embraced and valued by many cultures throughout history and on occasions it was even valued as high as diamonds! Amethyst was already an important stone in Egyptian civilisation, and Cleopatra was an ardent fan of amethyst for her it symbolised love, light and life. It was said that due to her amethyst ring, Cleopatra attracted the devotion of two powerful Roman generals: Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.


The name comes from Ancient greek amethystos, literally translating as “not intoxicated”, referencing the belief of long ago that this gemstone protected the wearer from drunkenness and overindulgence. The Greeks wore amethyst jewellery and made beautiful drinking vessels embellished with amethyst believing it was a strong antidote to alcohol intoxication…  So, in a nutshell, a perfect stone for a London party girl who likes champagne! Wearing ANAKAO paradigm bracelet will ensure not only that you are wearing the most eye-catching jewel, but also that you stay well behaved throughout the night!


The paradigm bracelet contains large amethysts of the highest quality – the stones are some of the beautiful ones I have ever seen! Each one has been carefully selected, cut with its own unique faceting pattern and polished to reveal its mesmerising beauty.  ANAKAO prides itself on selecting the best quality gemstones for their pieces. The colour purple is the colour of royalty and luxury, and this magnificent bracelet is certainly fit for a princess in each of us.


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